Dating With Purpose Tour Atlanta

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This past week I had the honor of attending the Dating With Purpose Tour in Atlanta, hosted by Ashley and Carrington Brown. Ashley, also known as Ashley Empowers, is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, mother and wife, who is inspiring women from all over the world. I first began watching them in 2015 with their YouTube series 8:02 GameTime where they address various topics and answer questions that viewers send in.

I love their laid back personalities, fire for God, and their sound wisdom. So, it was a must that I attended the event in Atlanta. It was nothing short of amazing! Three main points they covered were to know what you want, renew your relationship mindset and build a relationship that has a resilient foundation – the word of God. I love how they highlighted that our main duty and goal in life is to build the body of Christ. God needs us to see ourselves the way He sees us, so we can attract other people (to Him). And lastly, if God is not enough, no man will ever be.

Towards the end of the event, I was chosen to receive a bouquet of 2 dozen roses, which made the experience all the more meaningful. I was also thankful for the chance to meet Ashley, someone I have admired and looked up to for so long. She reminded me that I was a light, and that God has amazing plans in store for me.



Ashley has been such a key factor in my growth over the past few years. Her story and her messages are so encouraging. Be sure sure to check out her site, as well as the masterclasses that she offers; enlightening material that will positively change your perspective and your life! 🙂

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