Chosen For Such A Time As This [New Book!!!]

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always loved writing. Whether it was poetry, short stories, plays, or just my thoughts, writing has been a part of my life. Growing up, I enjoyed reading, and always wanted to write my own book. However, I didn’t know what exactly I would write, or how it would be published.

In 2015, I wrote my first book. Just about every single day, for months, I worked diligently on this project. It was not an easy process, but I kept going because I knew that God had given me wisdom to share. And He was still teaching me the things that I was writing about.

My plan was to publish the book in 2016, but when the time came, I was afraid. What will people think? I’m not even worthy of writing a book or sharing this information. I have to be perfect. People are going to judge me. No one will buy it. There were so many thoughts that plagued my mind. I knew that God wanted me to do this, so I prayed that He would change my heart and deliver me from the fear of what other people thought of me. I prayed that I would view myself the right way and that I would be okay with sharing my heart and being vulnerable. I asked God to let me know exactly when to publish my book.

People that knew I had written a book would occasionally ask about how it was going. I would give them a rehearsed answer and then change the subject. Eventually, my heart began to change and I knew that God was preparing me to finally publish.

It was now 2017 and I no longer cared about what people thought. I was okay with being vulnerable because I knew that God had birthed a message within me, and I needed to share it. I was not concerned about being judged, but I desired to please God and to walk by faith in doing what He had asked me to do. I wasn’t worried about who would or wouldn’t buy it. I prayed that God would use it to bless everyone who read it, and that He would lead the right people to this book. That’s the same prayer that I prayed during the writing process and I believe that God will do just that!

On Valentine’s Day – February 14, 2018 – I published my first book! It is available for purchase here on Amazon.


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The reason why it is called Chosen For Such A Time As This, is because I believe that God will place us exactly where we need to be, when we need to be there. No matter what season you are in, there is beauty in that season. This book was written to encourage single women, but I address issues that many women face today, so I also encourage married women to check it out as well. It highlights that regardless of your marital status, the most important relationship that we could ever have, is with Our Savior, Jesus Christ. And through that relationship, we will be made whole, and we will find contentment through Him.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made with a unique purpose that only you can carry out. Despite what you’ve gone through, what you’ve done, or whatever is happening right now, God has a plan for your life. He created this plan long before you were born; He knew you before you were born! Even if you are not able to see it right now, you were chosen for such a time as this. There is beauty in your season and in this journey! 🙂

Before each chapter of this book was written, I had a conversation with God. I prayed about what He wanted me to write and how He wanted me to say it. I prayed for each person that would be reading this book, and how it would impact their lives. If you do choose to purchase this book, I pray that it inspires you. I pray that it encourages you, motivates you, and brings you closer to God. And if there is something that God is leading you to do, if He’s revealing your purpose to you or speaking to you about an assignment, go for it! Walk by faith. Trust that He will bless you with the resources that you need, and the support that you need. God is always with you, ready to guide you and take you to beautiful places far beyond what you could ever imagine!


With Love,


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