Pinky Promise Conference 2018: Days 3 & 4

Just when I thought the conference couldn’t get any better… day 3 has been absolutely amazing. I’ve said that about the other 2 days as well, but it’s true. Cornelius Lindsey, Heather’s husband, led the general session this morning and he spoke about being Overlooked. No matter how insignificant you may feel, God has given you purpose and He has strategically put you in a place where you can minister to others or even one person. And that one person will be able to change a nation. There are nations waiting on your obedience.

Later, we had a session on modesty and we had the clothing swap, which is set up like a store with tables and clothing racks. The way the clothing swap works is you bring in new or gently used clothes, shoes, jewelry, bags, accessories, etc before Day 3 of the conference. And basically, you get a ticket with the number of items you are eligible to receive in return. I donated 5 items, so I was able to add 5 new pieces to my wardrobe!

IMG_7627Lastly, Heather preached from Genesis on the subject of Blind Faith. She challenged us to walk by faith and trust God even when we can’t see where He’s taking us, or any other factor that may seemingly deter us from God’s will for our lives. My overall take from her message was to please God and live for Him, no matter what it costs you. Heather’s declaration that she was willing to be embarrassed for God resonated with me more than anything else during the entire conference.

Sunday – the final day of the conference – included church in the hotel with the Gathering Oasis, the church Cornelius pastors. There was also a book signing afterwards where I was able to meet and take pictures with Cornelius and Heather. Pinky Promise has greatly impacted my life over the past 5 years and I am so thankful to have finally met Heather. Overall, this weekend has been life-changing and I can’t wait to implement everything I’ve learned! 🙂 Oh! And next year the Pinky Promise Conference and the Man Cave Conference (the men’s conference) will be held in Miami! 😀 Registration is at

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