The Girl Behind the Blog: Random Facts About Me

I’ve been blogging for a little while now and I decided to do a more personal post. I’ve answered a few random questions and I hope they help you get to know me better! 😀

Beach Trip 2002

When I was younger my dad always recorded my brother and I with a camcorder, my granny and her friends always asked us to perform songs… so I thought I was a superstar. As you can see in the picture to the left I am wearing sunglasses inside, and most likely in mid-performance of Say My Name by Destiny’s Child. Nothing has changed.

What is your middle name?

When is your birthday?
July 28th (I’m a Leo!)

What is your favorite color?

How many countries have you visited?
4; The Bahamas, The Caiman Islands, Mexico and Jamaica (my favorite!)

What is your favorite TV show?
I don’t watch much current TV (besides NBA) but I love Fresh Prince, Martin, Good Times & Living Single. Too bad there won’t be any new episodes anytime soon 🙂

Will Smith also wears sunglasses inside… I may be on to something.

What was your favorite or worst subject in high school?
English and Theatre were my favorite subjects! Chemistry was my least favorite. I still have nightmares about Mr. Swann’s exams.

Are you in or have you graduated from college?
I graduated from the University of Alabama in 2017. Fun Fact: I’m an Auburn fan (the two teams have a deeply rooted rivalry that began in the early 1900’s).

What is your favorite drink?
My favorite drink used to be sweet tea, but now I really enjoy my pineapple smoothies.

What is your favorite animal?
Lions. Absolute fave.

What would you or have you named your children?
I don’t have children yet but I have a list 😀 Stay tuned, I guess.

What sports do you play or have you played?
If hide and seek were a professional sport, I would definitely be on the team. I was a scorekeeper for baseball and basketball in middle and high school. I was also briefly on the track team in high school. And by briefly I mean 2 weeks (true story).

What is your favorite book?
Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen
Road to Memphis by Mildred D. Taylor

Who are some of your favorite YouTubers?
Ashley Empowers, Leah’s Essence, Heather Lindsey, CiciDawn and Raleigh & Angie

What is your favorite movie?
Crooklyn!!! My other 2 favorites are 27 Dresses & Coach Carter.

What are you afraid of?
Dogs. I have taken selfies with a camel, an alligator and a snake. But please, by all means, do not let me spot an unattended dog *insert Usain Bolt joke*

What are your biggest dreams?
I would like to publish more books, and I would love for one of my movie scripts to be produced! I also believe God will use me to encourage and inspire women and young people in their walk with Christ!

I like soulful music, good food & spending time with those I love. They usually like spending time with me as well. I’m an introvert and most people that meet me think I’m super quiet but I’m not. After about 3 years I usually open up (Totally kidding. I won’t open up). I enjoy traveling and exploring new places. I can’t wait to one day visit Kenya and ride elephants through the safari! I also enjoy writing, painting, cooking and long walks from my car to Chipotle.

I started my first business when I was 11 years old. I had a handful of employees and led regular staff meetings. By the time I was in high school, I had owned 4 businesses and even had my own business card. I’ve always had a creative mind which led to me being so indecisive about my career choices in college. I changed my major 7 times. Yeah, I was that kid. But eventually I made it out and now I have a clear understanding of what God has called me to do. Spoiler alert: it’s not stand-up comedy.

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    Hey, Jheralynne! I’m Liz! New follower 👋🏽 Loving your blog and all that you’re doing for the Kingdom! Sarah Dessen is one of my fave authors, too. So excited for more of your content 💕

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