Young & Hungry: Turning 24!!

IMG_9472Last year I celebrated my 23rd birthday with my friends. While we sat around a table at Mellow Mushroom, I joked about how 23 would be my “Jordan year.” I even had a red and black cake made. And the past year has truly been amazing. I graduated and got a job in my field, I led my first small group since leaving the church I grew up in, I published my first book, formed an LLC and met some amazing people! I grew a lot spiritually and God taught me lessons I’ll cherish forever. Don’t worry, I’m not here to share 24 things I’ve learned in the past year 🙂

However, I am appreciative of God’s blessings and this year I wanted to celebrate in a different way. Saturday was the first time in 8 years that I haven’t gone out of town for my birthday. Instead, I wanted to focus my attention on others. God has used so many other people to be a blessing to me and I wanted to share my light in the same way. So, I decided to volunteer at the local Soup Kitchen. It was an experience I’ll always remember and I’m thankful for the opportunity to serve.

24 birthday cake.jpg

Since the beginning of this year, I’ve been more intentional about pursuing God’s calling over my life. He’s made it clear what He’s called me to do and I am more desperate than ever for His purpose. Hence, the Young & Hungry series on my blog. I’m not exactly sure what this new year holds, but I’m confident that God will exceed my thoughts and expectations as I continue to walk by faith.

Will you join me on my journey?

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