Peace, Be Still

Hey girl Hey 🙂

As you all know, right now our world is experiencing a global pandemic that has changed the way we live our daily lives. My usually busy schedule has come to a swift halt. After taking time to adjust to a new norm, I have realized just how necessary this time of rest is.

I’ve seen posts floating around social media encouraging people to start businesses and learn new skills during this time. And listen, I’m not knocking it. But what if… and hear me out… but what if it’s not your time to start a business? Another quote I read stated, “This is a pandemic, not a productivity contest.” And I couldn’t agree more.

Social media does a great job of applying pressure. And while those platforms can also be inspirational and life-changing, you must always do what’s best for you. Walking outside of your purpose is not fun. Making moves outside of the right season will lead to burn-out and frustration. Trust me, I know from experience.

If it truly is your time to start a business or side hustle, then by all means go for it! And send me the link! But know that it’s also okay to rest during this season. It’s okay to take a step back and relish in the simplicity (or chaos) of every day. I say all that to say, you know what’s best for you during this time and that’s what you should focus on. Don’t be pressured into doing something that’s not a right fit for your present reality.

Everything is so uncertain right now. We can easily become overwhelmed with fear and anxiety from all that’s going on. I had a straight-up meltdown the other day. But then I remembered who I serve. And there is nothing too hard for God. He is the one who forgives our iniquities and heals our diseases (Psalm 103:3). And just as He has done every time before, He will bring us out of this, too. Here are some things I’ve been doing over the past few weeks that I want to encourage you to do as well.


As simple and as cliche as it sounds, praying is the most important thing we can do right now. Pray for our world, our communities, and your loved ones. Shortly before this virus became so widespread, a close friend and I decided to complete a 21-Day devotional. We both realized our lives had become so distracted that we were suffering spiritually. Now is a great time to get back in the routine of pursuing God on a consistent basis.


Every week my pastor says, “We are practicing physical distance, not social distance.” Who are you connecting with? As an introvert, I had no idea that I would miss human interaction this much. I am SO thankful that I can pick up my phone and connect with my family and friends! This pandemic has shown us that we are NOT in control. Please cherish your loved ones, express your appreciation for them and make sure you stay connected. Also, be mindful of what you’re connecting with. If news and media are making you feel fearful, turn it off. There are other ways you can stay informed.



Life is short. It is literally just a vapor (James 4:4). Do something everyday that makes you happy. That may mean reading, an art project, a recipe you’ve been wanting to try, a game with your family, a walk outside, a workout routine, a FaceTime with someone you miss, or even taking a nap. Another suggestion is to be a light in your local community. Check in on older family members to see if they need anything or participate in the “bear hunt” neighborhood game. Reach out to a church or community organization to see how you can share your resources.



No, seriously. Wash your hands and #stayhome! God is a healer and He has all power in His hands but He has also given us wisdom. Please be mindful of your health and others’ health when you leave your house and even when you come back. My city is on a 24-hour lockdown. And as a person who can’t stay in one spot for long, being at home every single day has been a challenge. Nature walks have been keeping me sane! But remember… this, too, shall pass. One day we will look back and reflect on this time when God kept us and our families.


“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”
2 Chronicles 7:14

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