3AM Prayer Challenge Update + Life Update

One day following my 3AM prayer challenge I got discouraged because I still had not heard back from my desired company about the career opportunity I had applied for several weeks prior. I felt a little humiliated because I had announced it here on my blog for the world to see and nothing had happened. I decided to focus on the other good things that came from the prayer challenge and I wrote the entirety of this post by faith, believing that one day I would be able to publish it. Finally the day has come! Please read until the end to get just a glimpse of God’s faithfulness. I pray this encourages you ❤️

Written November 8, 2022:

I have been waiting to provide an update on the 3AM prayer challenge and I am thrilled to share that my prayers have been answered! At the beginning of this year I felt very strongly that God would be transitioning me to a different company but I had no idea what that would look like. If you read my last post then you know I was praying for the opportunity to transition to a new area of my career. God went above and beyond my expectations and blessed me to join a faith-based company that allows me to be off on Sunday’s. I get to go to church and spend time with my family uninterrupted. It is exactly what I prayed for and I am beyond grateful. I love that I am able to help people while doing what I love, and still determine my own income based on what I sell.

By the third day of my prayer challenge, I had deleted my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. That alone may have been the best decision I could have made this year. I’m happier, more productive and my thoughts are much clearer. It has led to more meaningful quality time with the people I love, enjoying life without the pressure to post, spending more intentional time in God’s presence and receiving clarity on different areas of my life. I rekindled a long-time friendship and I was able to see my wrong. I went on a much-needed beach vacation where I didn’t have to pay for anything (something else I’d prayed for). During that trip I received God’s forgiveness for something I’d done that I had really been struggling with. I was also able to open up to someone I trust about why I stopped writing. For the first time, I was able to share the story of what happened and now I am writing again. The trip in itself was healing for me. During this time I was reading the book of Psalms for the first time and I saw God’s heart in a different way.

I also learned that I am fully capable of praying for myself. One of my favorite music artists passed away in 2021 and his wife has been very open about her grief journey. During the prayer challenge she hosted recently, she said that over the past year was constantly asking people to pray for her. But she realized she had to pray for herself and that she was fully capable of doing so. In her time of feeling alone and wanting to run to others, she chose to run to God. I had to learn this lesson as well. The prayer challenge and the process of searching for a new opportunity opened my eyes to how important it is that I bring my needs before God without expecting others to pray for me. Even though my loved ones love and support me, it’s really not their job to go to war on my behalf. A lot of times during this process I felt very alone and afraid because I was living off my savings and not sure what to do, but building my trust in God helped me to endure. I knew no one was praying for me as earnestly as I was praying for myself. And in return for my earnest prayers God blessed me with peace, faith and assurance. In other words, my relationship with Him deepened because of the prayers and the time spent in His presence. I learned to really trust Him like never before (and He came through for your girl!)

Lastly, I opened my Bible. Not the iPad I read from every day, but the physical Bible I bought when I first got serious about my relationship with God in 2014. Back in 2020 I had purchased a new Bible and while it was shiny and new, it just didn’t feel the same. I slowly but surely transitioned to mostly reading my Bible on my iPad and using the ability to see different translations as an excuse. I can’t remember the last time I’d opened my 2014 Bible but I know it had been over a year. When I opened it, I felt the presence of God immediately. It was supernatural. As I held it in my hands and read the pages I began to cry. I realized that I had a relationship with my Bible. It was this Bible that introduced me to God’s love, that pulled me out of depression in 2015, that gave me hope on so many occasions, that gave me promises and the blueprint to follow, that fueled my faith and my prayers year after year. I didn’t have that with my iPad. And since the day I opened my Bible again (at the beginning of November), I haven’t been the same.

The prayer challenge, for me, was life-changing. It was a catalyst. And I am forever grateful for that experience. God continues to speak to me and guide me, and I am so excited to walk in who He has called me to be in this season.

The entirety of this post was written by faith in November 2022 before I had even heard back from the company (the other things I mentioned had actually happened). It had been several weeks since the 3AM prayer challenge and even longer since I had applied for the position. The same week I wrote this post in faith, I was finally called for an interview and 3 weeks after the post I was offered the position. God is so faithful and I’m grateful I had the courage to share my journey before my prayer was answered. God has never failed us and He never will. I share more of my story here on my YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe as I will be releasing more content monthly. But don’t worry, I will still be blogging as well ☺️

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