Take The First Step

Recently, I saw a picture of myself that was taken a year ago. It made me reflect on how much I’ve changed since then. Numerous times I’ve been removed from the safety of my comfort zone. I’ve made choices that required me to use my voice, express my feelings and ask for what I want. I still have a ways to go, but as a result, my confidence has grown tremendously in the past 12 months. One thing I’ve realized, though, is operating from a place of confidence doesn’t mean you don’t experience fear. It means even when you’re afraid, you do it anyway. Do it shaking in your stilettos, girl.

What are you afraid of? Really. What is holding you back from making your next move? God did not create us to be insecure or fearful, He created us to be POWERFUL. When it comes to stepping out on faith, some people may experience fear of failure, fear of the unknown, or fear of people and opinions.

If you’re anything like me, having a bit of control gives you a sense of security. But the truth is, we are never fully in charge. There’s no way any of us could have imagined the events taking place in our nation right now. It’s a grave reminder that we are not in complete control. That being said, whether you make a move or not, you still won’t have all the answers. There are things we will never be able to predict.




Have you ever shared an idea with someone and they weren’t excited? Or maybe they doubted you altogether? That can be discouraging, yes. But, you have to realize God didn’t give them your vision. So, naturally, others may not be equally passionate, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go all in!

I recently watched an old interview where Oprah said, “There’s no such thing to me as an embarrassing moment.” I was taken aback by her statement at first. Then she went on to explain that we are all human and there’s nothing embarrassing she can do that someone else hasn’t already experienced. I truly believe when we are not laser-focused on what others think of us, we have the confidence and the time to go after our goals with full force!

Whenever you start to feel embarrassed or ashamed because of what others may think, remember that God has already accepted you. He’s already approved you and therefore, you don’t need anyone else’s permission to pursue the dreams in your heart. There won’t be a perfect time to start, you’ll never have just enough money, and if you wait until you have everyone else’s stamp of approval, you simply won’t get started. Only you are graced for your specific purpose and the world needs what you have to offer, especially right now.

As I’ve mentioned before, a goal without a plan is just a wish. That being said, what’s your plan? What are actionable steps you can take to get to where you need to be? Excuses aside, let’s make the most of the rest of 2020!

Comment below what taking the first step looks like for you!

2 thoughts on “Take The First Step

    • styledandgraced says:

      Right! Whenever I start worrying about what others will think, I remind myself that in 150 years from now none of us will be on this earth. We’ll all be gone and I can’t be tied to their opinions/approval or my own fear!! I’m glad this resonated with you ❤️


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