Be Inspired: Pursuing Your Interests

During my junior year of college, one of my professors asked, “What is your dream career?” The 3 things I wrote down were completely different from the degree I was pursuing. I had to ask myself, “Why am I here? Why not pursue the things that genuinely interest me? The things I feel called to?” I didn’t want to end up feeling trapped in a career I hated. I didn’t want to continue walking a path I was not graced for. So, I had to make a decision. And I am so thankful to be where I am now. However, this journey hasn’t been easy. Below I’ve listed 5 things that initially stopped me from pursuing my passions.

  1. Fear. Fear is a lie that will keep you stagnant. God did not place fear on the inside of you. Instead, He placed power, creativity, and purpose on the inside of you. He did not create you to be mediocre; there are excellent things He wants to do through you.
  2. Lack of support. It is heartbreaking when people you love don’t support what is important to you. Others may not understand your passions or decisions because God did not give them vision for it. I’ve also realized that some people won’t believe in you because they don’t believe in themselves. God will always provide the support you need, even if it looks differently than you thought it would. There is a strength inside you that is able to persevere through doubt and discouragement.
  3. Inadequacy. If it were not possible, God would not have given you the desire. The same limitless God who created the entire universe is on the inside of you and He is on your side. However, you must do your part in developing your skill. I’ve learned so much since I published my first book. Now, I’m more prepared for my second book. Don’t allow lack of knowledge in a particular area to prevent you from pursuing your dreams. Instead, be willing to learn and to cultivate your gifts.
  4. Time. Not having “time” is an excuse. We don’t have what we want because we don’t want it enough. Even if it means waking up earlier or sacrificing free time, work towards your dreams. As long as you’re still living, it’s not too late. Time will continue to pass, and in a year from now, your life could look completely different if you apply yourself.
  5. Money. I believe this area stops a lot of people from pursuing their passions. I’ve learned that it’s okay to start small; just start. As you pursue purpose and practice good stewardship, the money will come. Be willing to research and also adjust your perspective when it comes to finances. God has never abandoned you and He won’t start today (Psalm 37:25).

I hope you found this post encouraging! What is something you’ve always wanted to pursue?

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